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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 9, 2017 12:30pm-12:58pm EST

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sunglasses it feels like spring but get ready for a chilly change. and the man accused of shooting and killing a state trooper has begun with the process of picking a jury. we have the details. and a police chase that went on for miles and injured two state trooper. >> the details bright sun today and snow tomorrow. it feels like spring but when you wake up tomorrow the windchill is back in a big way. not everyone will see snow and some folks may get rain and everyone experiences a major change, as we look live from sky 6 hd looking live at the commodore barry bridge, accuweather is tracking snow for your friday. >> david murphy is at the big board with the details. i think whatever we do get tomorrow morning likely melts on most of our area roadways and none the else the front is off to the north and sliding if our direction, we have snow and rain showers at the face of that
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front. as this gets closer to us and drives rain in our region we'll see snow pop down from north to south. as a result we have the winter weather advisory that is posted from the national weather service, notice how it's in the northern suburbs, temperatures are so warm along the i-95 corridor and points south figure that lands here will be on roads and the lower portion of this warning or advisory area, there is a chance that largely your roads are just wet. none the else there could be strong bursts of snow that reduce visibility and the farther up to the poconos the more trouble you'll have. tonight the precipitation is beginning to fall in allentown may start out as rain from a change over and at the predawn hours to 9:00 just about everybody is looking at snow even far south jersey and
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delaware. and coats grassy surfaces to philadelphia north but most of your roads should be wet. use caution tomorrow morning just in case. up to 64 in philadelphia and i want to point out that it is a bit breezy out there. sustained winds in the low 20s and gusts in the 30s and blustery and a jacket and temperatures are improving ahead of the cool down tomorrow. more on the snow and how much we expect and what happens next as we head into the cold weekend. >> thank you. with the snow coming tune in to "action news" earlier tomorrow morning to get the latest on the forecast and road conditions, matt, tam, karen and david will be on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. and be sure to keep close at hand as well. you'll have access to the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan and the latest on the snow' timing, our team of meteorologists will be here as
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well. follow them on facebook and twitter. about 1200 people received a jury summons on the capital murder trial of erick frein. he is charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper and critically wounding another in a 2014 ambush at their barracks. they are live in westchester where jury selection started today. >> of the 1200 summons, 104 of them were told to be here today. the alleged crime took place in pike county, that say two and a half hour drive from here and given the notoriety of that case in the community and the relatively small jury pool the decision was to come to chest ever county to pick a jury and once it's selected it will go to pike county to hear the case. it's suspected the defendant arrived in this unmarked white van this morning, the chester county jury is selected to decide the fate of 33-year-old
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erick frein, and the actual trial will be in pike county where it's alleged that frein using a rifle ambushed two state troopers outside of the barracks, the other corporal brian dixon was killed. it triggered a 48 day manhunt for frein and they searched pike and monroe counties for weeks. when frein was captured. police say he confessed and the self described survivalist and military reenactor, told investigators that the fatal shooting of dixon was an assassination and wanted to start a revolution and quote, wake people up. >> jury selection is a slow process here and questions were asked of the jury by the judge today. they need to pick a jury of 12 and six alternates as well. and of the jurors here in chest ever county they are questioning, 71 of them are
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aware of the case because of television and prosecution is seeking the death penalty in this case and the 104 were asked do they have moral qualms of posing such a sentence. of those number 38 said they would have problems imposing the death penalty in any case. live in chester county, channel 6 "action news." two pennsylvania state troopers were hurt and two are in custody after a chase and crash on i-95. this is where it all ended at the intersection of of madison and east streets in chester, the suv sped off as the trooper approached it on the highway and the chase went on until the driver finally lost control and the suv crashed and overturned and the state police cruiser ended up on top of it. the troopers will be okay. the driver of the suv was injured and remains in the hospital in stable condition.
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the passenger brian schafer of maryland was arrested. the man remains in critical condition after being shot in wilmington along the 900 block of marshall street, medics worked to save the man and rushed him to the hospital. police have not said if they have a suspect or motive. friends said a final farewell to jimmy super fly snucka. services were held if at cothis morning. he dried in january in florida, the former pro wrestler days after the judge dismissed murder charges against him for his girlfriend's murder. he was 73 years old. and the family of an indiana girl found murdered on a hiking trail speak out. now they are looking to see if it is connected to another cold
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case from another state. >> the possible link to an indiana murder mystery. >> the horrible crime has torn a hole in our families that will never heal. >> mike patty speaking about the death of liberty german and abigail williams in indiana. this photo and this voice -- along with a snap chat picture on liberty's phone some of the only clues to the crime. >> really study the picture and listen to the audio clip. someone knows this person, but if a disturbing twist they are comparing notes with a detective of an eerily similar cold case in iowa. >> drew collins says on july 13th 2012, his 8-year-old daughter and niece never returned home. the girls taken in a secluded area and their bodies found in wooded terrain, the crimes
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committed on the 13th of the month. >> two kids at once is uncommon and being on the 13th of the month just kind of struck me as odd. all the things together. >> but the similarities may only be' coincidence, our analyst will look for a common thread but if it's a crime of opportunity it will be harder to link. in indiana 11,000 tips and the reward is up to a quarter million dollars. kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police need your help identifying a man that tried to steal from a food store, this is surveillance video from the hung market in south philadelphia. police say that the suspect tried to steal seafood from the store last sunday but a 62-year-old security officer stopped him and the suspect pulled out a gun and fled in a
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white toyota corolla. the last four digits, 3751 license plate. and a fire broke out two days ago at a peco substation, all the customers are now back on. it's on the 2700 block of west westmoreland in north philadelphia. nobody was hurt in the incidents. the philadelphia flower show is just a couple of days away, and many local store fronts are blossoming with beauty in anticipation. the winners were announced this morning. the annual cometition allows them to decorate their store fronts. and they were on hang to congratulate the winners, among them flower and company in center city named the grand champion. the philadelphia flower show kicks off on friday at the convention center. >> tune in this saturday at 7:00
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on 6 abc and see the tulips in full bloom. an hour special mosted by our entire team. and more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a passerby jumped in action telderly woman by an on c hear how sage sky 6 hd showing philadelphia international airport and a very shaky camera with winds out there. meteorologist, david murphy with the update from accuweather.
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an thwarted a burgl lehigh valley neighborhood. and ellis says his dogay morning and looked of the neighbor's garage, heoff
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side. he called 911 and encountered n. burglar. a man rist was almost transit train. seconds to spare. ne was trapped in the middle s coming and spr and scared like i washe was needed to be done. >> by the time the other side of the tracks, the train narrowly missed the woman
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by inches. the annual easter egg roll. the white house announced that the easter egg roll will take place on monday april 18th on the south lawn. tickets are free to the public and will be distributed through an online lottery. >> a community came together to help to reunite a family with their beloved dog sage. he is blind and got lost in the woods in california for an entire week. his family says they never gave up hope. this is 12-year-old sage safe at home now in her bed. the labrador lost her sight to glaucoma and a tumor and lost her way after wandering from her home in boulder creek, california. and sage's family was devastated. we were so heart broken and feeling bad she was out there. they helped to search the thick
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wooded behind her home and reports of flash floods and stories of mountain lions and as the hours and days passed they feared they would never see sage again. eight days and no sign of sage. and then their neighbor an off duty firefighter who was part of the searchest and was on a hike in the woods and spotted something beside the creek motionless but sanl was still alive. dan's friend capturing the moment. i see sage laying near the screen and i hugged her and carried her up the mountain. >> and soon sage's family overjoyed as they take their dog home. >> i was hugging everybody it was amazing. >> amazing and tonight that firefighter says that sage taught us all a lesson. >> it's harsh conditions and that dog has a strong will to
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this exquisite piece is part of the exhibit of the museum of art. flower work is the first exhibition devoted to the caresses of the women of the punjab nation. it features colorful imagery of animals and village scenes and elaborate ornamentation. it runs through july 9th. we talk about the flower show but first chilly temperatures. >> a lot of the winter was warm and we need snow to get everybody ready for the flower show. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows it's not here yet and on the action cam earlier in pennsauken new jersey along the river a lot of blue skies out there. as you step outside at the noon hour it's still fairly bright.
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it's staying that way through the afternoon. and we are zooming up out there. winds from the west at 21 miles per hour and gusts in the 30s so do get that jacket. don't be fooled by the temperature. it will feel cooler than the temperature indicates because of the wind. and sunshine is in play and some clouds make a run at the northern suburbs later this afternoon but i think it is bright. we are looking mild and 61 in alle 65 in philadelphia and 67 down by the ocean water andt of 3:00 ando fall quite a expectes at midnight. rain at the outset, 4:30 in
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the the air. we are going oand we to philadelphia by past philadelphia by probably still snowing in e thi wind down a b passing sno 9:00 or ere from a coati up into north 3 inches. ulation is on grecially closer to slippery spots developing and
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nos the snow gets intee'll have travelt the snow is by the time we7:00, 8:00 a.m. temperatures dip below freezing and we dip back up and wet roads for the most part even as the temperatures get below freezing, and if that time period 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. in the morning, probably low impact and windy and 65 and high of 41 with the snow in the morning and snow and rain showers in the afternoon and the weekend still looks cold. 33 on saturday, sunny on sunday with the southern system way down in the carolinas now, 36 degrees, set your clock forward when you go to bed of course and the next issue is monday night into tuesday and some models
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indicate a coastal system perhaps a northea eastern type storm. >> thanks david. king kong is perhaps the biggest blockbuster star on the planet earth. the monster is stomping back. king kong skull island. for the latest adventure in this 84-year-old film franchise. one star is acting legend, samuel l. jackson and a new leading lady, she is brie larson. >> it's the duty to keep you excited and pay some homage to what has gone before for sure. >> the hope is that all the exhaustion pays off and you get to share with the world. that is the reason i make movies. it opens in theaters this weekend. the emmy award series, american crime, returns for an all new season.
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>> do you think we could talk to laurie again? >> no. >> think before you answer. >> the answer is no, the england from laurie ann is know. it follows families living in northern carolina, exploring sex trafficking and divides. regina king returns. and talking about the serieses. >> we have conversations before the writers room starts and then they came up with the characters and reach out to us, and kind of fill us in and we chat about it and i think from the conversations it builds more thought as to who they will have these women be. >> when you sit back and read the whole script it is for me impressive and awe inspiring
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that john ridley and michael mcdonald have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on in america. >> season three of american crime premiers at sunday at 10:00 here on 6 abc. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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one final quick check of the accuweather forecast. >> telling jokes here -- >> a good one for now. we have got nice sunshine out there. on the breezy and blustery side with highs in the low 60s in the western suburbs, may get to the mid-60s on i-95 and down the shore 58 degrees in atlantic city and sea isle city. very nice and colder air rushes in and tonight a winter weather advisory with snow in the morning, hopefully mainly wet roads and we'll be on earlier at 4:00 to get you through that. looking at stories coming up on
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"action news" at 4:00, the eagles have already dropped done nor barwin and picked up torrey smith we'll have a wrap up of the moves today. and a top university is giving outs a big scholarship to someone that breaks the rules. we'll explain today at 4:00. >> that does it for "action news" at noon. join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for david murphy and rick williams i'm sara bloomquist have a nice afternoon.
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